Attorneys in Pretoria are plentiful but choosing the right one to work with you is the trick. The first realisation is that you need to find someone who is professional and that this is a business relationship and not a personal friendship. It is not the best idea to just Google and pick the most impressive-looking website. You need to guard against being swayed by looks, bluster or promises. Personal recommendations from people you know and trust is a good start in finding a firm that will represent you effectively. A sound and successful track record will speak for itself.

Look for Attorneys in Pretoria

In Pretoria, attorneys do not all specialise in the same area of law and it is important to ensure that you collaborate with a firm that has experience and a success rate in the field of your concern. In other words, it would be fruitless to engage an attorney who is an exceptional criminal defence attorney to represent you in a medical malpractice case.  

Keep in mind that this is a business undertaking and old family friend who is an attorney might not be the smart choice. A search engine can be beneficial in helping to find the location and speciality of lawyers so that you choose the right firm for your case.

Do not hire a lawyer until you have met them and discussed your case and know that you feel comfortable with them. It is essential that you are confident that you have the right person to represent you. Equally important is the communication between them and yourself. Are they available to speak to you when you call and are you given regular feedback on progress?

Select Carefully

Payment options are also an indication of how confident your lawyer feels about winning your case. If a retainer is requested and an hourly rate quoted, think carefully. If your attorneys are prepared to work on a contingency fee structure it is an indication that they view your chances of winning positively, as this fee structure means that should they not win, they receive no remuneration. Give Paul Du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria a call.

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