The South African Road Accident Fund sees its share of claims involving un-licenced drivers.  Statistics show that many drivers on South African roads are not licenced.  Many of them are between the ages of 16 and 19.  Some have failed their drivers’ licence, and others are not yet old enough to sit the test.  The problem is rampant in this country.

An associated problem is the number of drivers, licenced and un-licenced, that are driving under the influence of alcohol.  A further issue is the number of cars that are un-licenced, the number of cars that are not roadworthy, and the number of drivers who have no insurance.  It is the Wild West out there.  Regardless of how well you drive, and how cautious you are, you can still be a victim on the road.  If an accident does happen, and you are seriously injured, you may have a claim against the Road Accident Fund.

What is the South African Road Accident Fund?

The South African Road Accident Fund is social insurance that provides compensation to those seriously injured in accidents involving vehicles on our roads.  It is funded by a special levy that is applied to the every liter of petrol purchased in the country.  It is there to assist those that are injured in a vehicle, whether they are a driver, passenger, cyclist, pedestrian or motorbiker.  It also provides indemnity insurance for those that cause the accident.  This means that the driver that causes the accident will not be sued for additional money over and above the Fund claim.

How can you claim from the Fund?

Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today if you have been seriously injured in a vehicle accident.  You may have a claim against the Road Accident Fund.  We will advise what you can claim, and how you should proceed.  If you have been seriously injured in an accident the quality of your life will be compromised.  To rebuild your life you will need funds to make alterations and accommodations.  A successful settlement from the South African Road Accident Fund will help you provide for your future.

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