How Can The Road Accident Fund Help You?

The South African Road Accident Fund ensures that you receive compensation after a motor vehicle accident caused by negligent driving, even if the negligent motorist responsible for the accident is unable to cover the costs. The Road Accident Fund is a type of public insurance cover, funded by levies on our fuel prices. It is available to any South African citizen, even minors, who have suffered loss and injury in a road accident. This includes drivers and passengers of vehicles as well as pedestrians and others affected by the accident.

Why should you choose to claim from the Road Accident Fund?

You may wish to pursue legal action through a private lawyer against the person responsible for your road accident, and you may rightly do so at your own cost. However, the Road Accident Fund exists in order to make these kinds of legal actions available and attainable to those who cannot otherwise afford them. This applies both to you the claimant as well as the defendant, the person responsible or accused of being responsible for the road accident. This may not seem to make sense, but consider the case if the person who caused the accident is currently unemployed, or has minimum available finances for whatever reason. It seems redundant to claim for compensation from them, since they very clearly cannot afford to cover the compensation, whether they are willing to or not. In instances like this, it is much more beneficial to make the claim from the Road Accident Fund directly, since there are higher chances of desirable results.

Get the most out of your claim with the help of an attorney

Get in touch with an attorney who specialises in Road Accident Fund and motor accident claims to help you with your case. An experienced attorney can offer advice, guidance and support to ensure that your claim is managed smoothly and efficiently. While it is possible to handle the filing of a claim from the Road Accident Fund yourself, an attorney will be able to lend a professional eye to your case, helping you create a more effective case and increasing your chances of success. If you want an affordable attorney with a wealth of professional experience and a history of successful Road Accident Fund cases, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.

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