What Happens When You Get Injured On A Holiday Cruise?

Are you nervous about booking a cruise ship for your next holiday? You’ve seen the movies and you can imagine all sorts of bad things happening out at sea. What happens if you fall overboard, or slip on a wet deck? If the ship breaks down, where does that leave you? In the middle of the ocean, that’s where. Luckily, most commercial and many domestic ships have the necessary medical equipment for emergency injuries. Large cruise ships have full medical facilities and professional medical staff available for their passengers.

Personal injuries on cruise ships

Personal injuries can occur anywhere you go, and a cruise ship is no exception. If you are injured on a cruise ship, the same laws for personal injury apply. Cruise ships are liable for your health and safety while on board, and are generally well designed to minimise the risk of injury and accidents, but sometimes an accident is unavoidable. You can make a personal injury claim if you were injured on a cruise ship where the ship or its crew have failed to protect you from the injury. This could have been a faulty stair, railing, elevator or piece of equipment, a lack of signage warning about a particular risk, or any number of accidents that caused you injury.

What should you do after being injured on a cruise ship?

If the injury is moderate to severe, the cruise ship crew will attend to the injury. If necessary, they will divert their course so that you may dock and visit a hospital for further medical treatment, and if it is an emergency you may even be airlifted to hospital. Your first step after you are treated should be to contact an attorney if you wish to make a claim against the ship’s crew or management. You will need to submit a medical record of the injury and treatment from both the medical crew on the ship and any other doctors you visited. Paul du Plessis Attorneys are experts in personal injury claims and will assist you in claiming appropriate compensation for your injury. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today for personal injury claims and legal services.

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