When someone suffers a personal injury due to a slip or a fall or any accident in a supermarket, they have the right to seek legal counsel from attorneys in Pretoria. A personal injury claim is made in the event that someone, whether intentionally or negligently, causes another to suffer injury.

If your grandmother slips on the wet slippery floor of a supermarket and hurts herself, she can sue for monetary compensation. The supermarket is liable because they did not clean up the spill or failed to put up visible signs warning shoppers of the condition of the floor. When such accidents happen, it would be wise to contact attorneys in Pretoria who have the experience needed to successfully handle slip and trip claims.

When Can a Slip-and-Trip Claim Be Made?

It is the responsibility of the supermarket to ensure that the entire establishment does not cause harm to anyone. The law requires that it takes all relevant precautions to prevent foreseeable accidents from occurring. The supermarket can be charged with negligence in case they do not clean up slippery floors, provide enough lighting, fix damaged floors, or block off dangerous sections.

If no attempt is made by the supermarket to put up clear warning signs about unavoidable hazards, then anyone who suffers injury as a result can contact attorneys in Pretoria and file a personal injury claim.

Is It Necessary To Make A Personal Injury Claim?

You may assume that the injuries suffered are small, but the medical expenses incurred could end up being quite significant. Severe injuries may result in long stints in hospital or even extensive rehabilitation and treatment. You may also find yourself unable to work and earn a living. By seeking out attorneys in Pretoria, you are clearly sending a message that other establishments need to stay vigilant and protect shoppers coming through their doors.

How Will Attorneys in Pretoria Help My Claim?

If you want to make a slip-and-trip accident claim, then you have to get yourself a good lawyer to give yourself the best chance of filing a successful claim for financial compensation. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have over two decades of experience in handling personal injury claims of all types. With their experienced legal team, you are guaranteed representation that enhances the chances of you getting the damages due.

Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria for a free consultation. They have the experience to help you navigate the complex areas of personal injury claims and they advise you every step of the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria if you or any family members suffer a fall in a supermarket. Just visit pauldup.co.za, and benefit from the services of one of the best attorneys in Pretoria.

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