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What are the circumstances where you might need a lawyer? There are obvious situations, like criminal procedures and settling the estate of a deceased relative. Sometimes, your need is of a more personal nature. You might be dealing with the results of an accident, personal injury, birth defect in your child, or something similar. Whatever the case may be, it helps to have a good lawyer on your side. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have 18 years of experience in pursuing all kinds of legal claims. We can handle your legal matters whether you’re seeking compensation from the RAF or for medical malpractice. You can get in touch with us at any time for various forms of legal assistance.

Medico-legal services

There are various categories of legal aid. The most common subsets are birth injuries, retinopathy, brain damage, and medical negligence. These may seem like difficult matters, but with the right lawyer and the correct procedure, you can follow them up with ease. When you pursue a medico-legal claim, you start by securing medical records to confirm the level of treatment. As your legal representation, we will also consult medical experts to confirm the amount of compensation that you can reasonably ask for. We will ensure that you receive the best representation and get adequate compensation for your medical matter.

Assistance with RAF claims

Under South African law, you are entitled to assistance if you are on the losing end of an accident. The Road Accident Fund offers financial assistance to accident victims, and these funds can help them pay medical bills, recover from their illness, and rebuild their lives. However, the process of making an RAF claim can be difficult for a lay person. Our attorneys are specially placed to handle all the difficult aspects for you. We will deal with the relevant documentation and ensure that you get the best possible compensation deal. We work all over South Africa, so give us a call today. No matter where you live in South Africa, we will give you professional aid in your legal pursuit.

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