Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys, Pretoria attorneys, for assistance in getting maximum compensation in any medical negligence, personnel injury or Road Accident Fund claims. Money will never restore our lives to what they were before the unfortunate misfortune. Adequate compensation could be the difference between a life time of struggle and an opportunity to build a complete future with the necessary assistance and resources required.

Pretoria Attorneys or Go It Alone?

Knowledge of the laws pertaining to medical malpractice, the standard of treatment expected and what constitutes negligence are bewildering to the lay person. Paul du Plessis Attorneys are professional Pretoria attorneys and authorities in medical malpractice law and with many years of success behind their name.

Having the resources and experience to research and investigate your case you will be in the proficient hands of experts in this field of medical law. So, why even attempt to go it alone?

Pretoria attorneys, Paul Du Plessis will represent you in any province in the country and are willing to give you advice as to the success of your claim.

Claims and Claims

Compensation will be calculated taking many factors into consideration.

  • Medical expenses
  • Medical expenses for treatment already received, will be paid for.
  • All future medical treatments and the expenses involved in the care and assistance you will require in years to come, needs to be assessed and gauged by experts. Once reports are received from medical surgeons and specialists an actuary will calculate the costs involved.
  • Life Style Changes

Consideration must be given to changes in the home and workplace to accommodate the victim’s change in health and/or physical abilities. Will the injuries need a care giver or special nursing home? These are costs that will need to be regarded when the claim is lodged.

  • General Damages

General damages can be awarded to make recompense for the pain, suffering and discomfort that the victim suffers. There are many factors which will feature in the calculation of this award. The general rule in this regard is that the greater the injury and degree of permanence, the larger the payment.

  • Loss of Income

This will involve income lost while recovering from the accident. If future earning capacity is to be affected, this will be another factor to be included. If you are unable to continue in the type of job you formally held; your future earning capacity, if working is at all possible, will be taken into account.

Each case is unique and individual circumstances will be taken into consideration by actuaries when calculating compensation.

  • Claims for Death

Compensation on the death of a family member due to an accident or medical negligence will include the following:

  • Loss of support – if the bread winner is no longer able to provide for the family.
  • Funeral Costs – there are limitations as to what will be paid for.
  • Pain and Suffering – (general damages) the trauma experienced by the family of the deceased.

               Overwhelmed? Contact Paul Du Plessis, Pretoria attorneys, when you need them most.


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