Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria have 18 years experience dealing with Road Accident Fund claims.  This Fund is a form of public insurance, previously knows as Third Party Claims.  If you have been injured in a vehicle accident as a result of the negligence of a driver, you can claim compensation from the Fund for loss and damages.  

It is possible to claim the following from the Fund:

  • general damages,
  • medical expenses, future medical expenses, and
  • loss of income past and future.  

In the event of a death claim, it is possible to claim loss of support.

Do you know you CAN afford expert legal advice?

Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria work on a “no win no fee contingency basis”.  There is a common misconception that expert legal advice is not affordable, but this is not the case with Paul du Plessis.  You will receive excellent advice and exemplary service and it will be at a fair price.  They will cover all the expenses that are incurred in the quantifying of your claim.  

You can count on the experience and expertise of Paul du Plessis Attorneys to secure an appropriate level of compensation.  If you have suffered a serious injury in a vehicle accident do not delay getting legal assistance because you are concerned about the costs.  The Road Accident Fund stipulates certain time limits within which you must make your claims.  Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys and let them advise you through the process.

For help anywhere in South Africa, choose Pretoria Attorneys

Paul du Plessis Attorneys manages claims in all jurisdictions of South Africa.  You do not have to be in Pretoria to avail yourself of their experience.  It does not matter where in South Africa your accident occurs, or where you live.  It is reassuring to know that wherever you are, you can use a firm with a wealth of experience and expertise.  You will not be disadvantaged because you are not in Pretoria.  At any point you can review the progress that is being made with your case due to the open file policy of Paul du Plessis Attorneys.  For excellent service and expert advice, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria.

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