Do you want to find personal injury attorneys in South Africa that get results? That is why people hire Paul Du Plessis Attorneys. You need a professional, well-versed in your particular legal problem, to represent you. Choose appropriately. You would not choose an estate attorney to represent you in a criminal case. The family law attorney is the wrong person to handle your personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, the area of expertise has to match your need. As in all professions, there are those that are results-motivated and those that go through the motions and go home early.

Results-Oriented Attorneys In South Africa

Talk to people you trust to recommend attorneys in South Africa. The Internet is a good place to get a feel for a law firm. Pull up a list of the personal injury attorneys in your area. Read the web sites of each and find those that indicate a specialisation in your type of injury. For instance, some attorneys specialise in medical negligence. Others focus on work place injuries and some will promote themselves as traffic injury attorneys. If your injury is their speciality, their foundation of experience along with trial and negotiation will serve you well. Now you have a short list. Are any of the referrals you received on your short list?

Finding Personal Injury Attorneys

Explore these 3 areas when looking for good personal injury attorneys in South Africa:

  1. Visit the website of your short list candidates and read about their successes and reviews. Google their name and see what comes up.   
  2. Schedule a brief consultation with your favourite candidates. Initial consultations are usually free. Explain your case and ask how each would handle it.
  3. Ask about their fee structure. Check out the size of the firm and support staff. It is important they have the resources to build a winning case. You may find an attorney that is very personable and easy to work with. However, if he or she is not winning, they are repeatedly doing something wrong.

Your whole future may depend on the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit. Make the effort to choose from attorneys in South Africa that get results.

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