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At the very least, you should find out about your lawyer’s expertise and whether the lawyer is a veteran or a beginner attorney. Your case may very well be taken on by an attorney who has just come out of law school, it all depends on the type of case and the attorney.

What type of law cases do you generally take on? And what percentage of your practice is devoted to my circumstances?

You should also find out about your lawyer’s expertise and exactly how much of their practice is devoted to the category that your legal issue falls in. For example, if you need assistance with a case on domestic violence, you may want to look for a family law lawyer who has previously worked on these types of cases.

Who would be your typical client?

This is one of the most important questions and unfortunately it is very often overlooked. For example, if you are an individual with a certain legal issue, but the attorney you have hired or set up a meeting with only represents corporations, this may not be the best lawyer for you or your situation. Likewise, you should find out about the financial back ground of some of the lawyer’s previous clients. The reason for this is because there may be a range of different problems a lawyer is used to factoring when working with higher net-worth people vs. college students.

How many cases have you previously represented that were similar to or the same as mine?

Now is definitely not the time to be passive, you need to ask your attorney about their track record, ask what the number of cases are that they have won or settled and so on.
All road users, including pedestrians and cyclist that got injured due to another person's negligent driving qualifies for the Road Accident Fund. One of the main requirements of the Road Accident Fund is that the accident should be caused by another person's negligent driving, which means you will not be able to claim if you lost control of your own vehicle by falling asleep or when you swerved for something in the road. Spouses and minor children can also claim if a breadwinner is injured or dies.

What can you claim for at the Road Accident Fund?

You can claim for compensation for bodily injuries and financial loss caused by another person's negligent driving, such as, medical and related expenses, loss of income or the ability to work, and general damages like pain and suffering. You can not claim for damage to your vehicle or valuables that was in your vehicle, your claim is only based on your physical injuries or damage you sustained from the accident. If you want to make a claim, you have to provide the Road Accident Fund with evidence. The evidence includes reports from medical experts, advising your injuries and the financial impact that the accident has had on your life.

When can you claim from the Road Accident Fund?

If you know the identity of the driver who caused the accident through negligent driving, or the owner of the vehicle, your claim must be lodged within three years from the date of the accident. It is important to obtain legal advice to start a Road Accident Fund claim, that is why Paul Du Plesis Attorneys focus is to help you get back on the road to recovery and to rebuild your life as quickly as possible. Be sure to contact Paul Du Plesis Attorneys for any legal advice.
Medical negligence is when care is provided to a patient by a medical professional, which has caused injury directly to the patient or caused an existing condition to get worse. There are many ways that medical negligence can be caused to a patient, like, medical misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment or surgical mistakes. Surgical neglience can include, prescription and medication errors, common prescription or medication error neglience claims, and negligent medical advice.

How much can you claim for medical negligence?

The amount of compensation for medical negligence that you can claim all vary and depends on the type and severity of your injury or illness, the impact that the medical negligence has on your daily life and the impact it has on your current or future employment. The ammount of compensation that you should receive will be determined with a number of different factors, such as, the earning that you have lost and the expenses you have faced due to the medical negligence. You can also receive compensation for the pain and suffering resulting from your injury or illness.

How do you make a claim for medical negligence?

First you need to have prove of your medical negligence that can help support your claim. The types of evidence that you can have is, medical records, photographs, a detailed statement from you and close friends and family can also help provide evidence as witnesses to your injury or illness. After you have prove for your claim you can contact Paul Du Plesis Attorneys to offer you specialist legal advice on medical negligence claims.
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