Don’t Hesitate To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury

If you recently suffered a personal injury, you may be wondering what to do next. You may question why the injury happened; was it an accident or was it caused by the actions of another? Sometimes, what seems like an accident may have been indirectly caused by someone else. For example, consider a man who has fallen from a ladder while working on a construction site. He thought that he fell because he was clumsy, but the truth was that the ladder rung he was standing on was old and broke under his weight. Additionally, he was not wearing a hard hat because there were not enough hard hats available to all the workers on the site, and consequently suffered serious injuries to his head when he fell. Who was to blame for the builder’s accident? The site manager should have ensured that all the equipment that was being used was compliant with local safety standards. Furthermore, it was the manager’s responsibility to ensure that all the builders had access to safety gear, and should have either ensured that there were enough hard hats available or forbidden the builder from working without one.

Personal injuries can be devastating

After suffering a personal injury, you are faced with a large number of challenges. Firstly, there are medical expenses to cover to treat the injury. These include the immediate medical treatment, as well as any reoccurring treatment thereafter to treat the lasting effects of the injury, such as physical rehabilitation and physical therapy. The injury may also have prevented you from going to work, which is a loss of income for you and your family. The injury may even have caused such extensive damage that you will no longer be able to work at the same job. Not only that, but you also experienced pain, suffering and trauma too.

Claim compensation for a personal injury with Paul du Plessis Attorneys

We are experienced, professional attorneys who can help you get compensation for your losses and get your life back on track. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today to claim compensation for a personal injury.

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