When you need the services of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in South Africa, make sure that you do your homework before you entrust your legal issues to them. The most common problems that clients have with their lawyers include a significant gap between the expectations that clients have and the services offered.

In general, it has been noticed that it may not be one single aspect that causes a breakdown in the relationship but a series of issues which remain unresolved, leading to a final parting of ways. One of the most important things clients should ensure is that they analyse the issue at hand thoroughly and decide whether it’s a simple matter requiring the services of a general attorney or whether it’s a complex legal issue that needs a trained legal specialist. Based on this and their budget and location, clients can begin the process of selecting the right lawyer or law firm that best suits their needs and expectations.

What do you expect from your lawyer?

In South Africa, attorney-client relationships are based on certain strong fundamentals that include confidentiality and trust. Other expectations from the client’s side include time, dedication, commitment and support, regular communication via e-mail, phone, texts and information and updates.

Some attorneys will also allow clients to make important decisions where applicable and to be involved in the case. Your lawyer must display competence and skill, and high ethical standards. An important aspect of the lawyer-client relationship is the lawyer’s clarity and transparency on fees and expenses. Your lawyer should also show professional courtesy and sensitivity.

A Paul Du Plessis Attorney can assist

Some attorneys choose to develop themselves as subject specialists or domain experts. Modern law and litigation have become very complex and today they encompass hitherto unfamiliar subjects like environmental law, and cyber laws. Many of these laws have their own variations across different provinces and international locations. Many of the top lawyers and law firms specialise in certain areas of litigation, and keep themselves updated on all developments in a particular sector. They are able to bring to bear their breadth and depth of experience as specialist Gauteng attorneys, and give clients like you a real advantage.

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