The purpose of the Road Accident Fund is to assist those that have been seriously injured on South African roads. When you claim from the Road Accident Fund, you can only submit one claim for an incident. Once your claim has been heard and settled, it cannot be reopened. This means that it must be properly assessed and quantified at the outset. If you do not consider all eventualities and the impact your injury will have for your entire lifetime, it is possible that the settlement achieved will be insufficient. It will be too late to address this, however. It is possible to do your own Road Accident Fund claim with no legal assistance. When you do so, though, you run the very real risk of not achieving the optimal outcome.

Why should you use Paul du Plessis Attorneys for your claim?

Paul du Plessis Attorneys believe passionately in achieving the best possible outcome for their clients. An appropriate and significant financial settlement provides the client with the means to rebuild his or her life after sustaining a serious injury. Accordingly, these attorneys make sure they receive the best medical opinion possible and will arrange for each client to see appropriate leading experts. The case will be investigated with rigour. They will also ensure that the claim is quantified properly. This will take into consideration current and future medical expenses, the loss of income past and future, and, if the injury is significant, general damages. Paul du Plessis Attorneys are compassionate and you will feel reassured that your case is receiving the attention it deserves.

How should you proceed with a Road Accident Fund claim?

In general, a claim must be submitted to the Road Accident Fund within three years of the injury being sustained. Submit your claim to the attorneys at Paul du Plessis sooner rather than later. They will advise you on how to proceed. The firm is based in Gauteng but they manage claims in all jurisdictions and help clients throughout the country. If you believe you have a claim, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys as soon as possible.

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