Do Personal Injury Claims Cover Assault?

Personal injury cases most often cover accidental injuries, where the accident was caused by the negligent or irresponsible actions of another person. However, personal injuries can occur as a result of a person’s malicious and intentional actions to harm you. If you are assaulted in an unprovoked attack, you should report the matter to the police as soon as possible. Common or sexual assault can happen in a variety of instances, whether you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or were an intended target. It may have been an angry stranger on the street, a drunken bar patron, or someone looking to settle a personal dispute. If you were injured in this assault, you can claim for compensation if the attack was unprovoked.

How do assault claims work?

Assault claims can be pursued as both criminal offences and civil offences. You will need to lay a charge of assault with the police. The police will then make the decision whether to investigate your charge and prosecute the case criminally or not. Regardless of whether the police choose to proceed with prosecution or not, you may also choose to pursue the case civilly. While a criminal case is taken up by the state prosecution authority, a civil case needs to be followed up by yourself and a lawyer. A lawyer is necessary to initiate the claim against the assailant, and can assist and advise on matters such as how much to claim for, what your claim should cover, and so forth. Your claim could include the costs of your medical treatment for the injuries sustained as well as any future medical treatment for any lasting effects of said injuries. it could also include loss of earnings if the assault prohibited you from continuing with your daily work, and the costs of psychological intervention and care. You may also claim for general damages such as trauma, pain and suffering, at an amount calculated by the court or by the attorneys involved.

Expert legal assistance with assault and personal injury claims

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