What is the most important quality you look for when choosing personal injury attorneys in South Africa? For one person it is experience, but another will look at success rate. Others need a law firm that is financially stable and willing to work on a contingency basis. Few of us can afford the extensive ongoing costs of a lawsuit. All of those qualities are important when choosing an attorney.

When you or a family member has suffered injury due to the negligence of another, your only recourse to receive justice may be a lawsuit. Justice in most cases means the negligent party will never have the opportunity to harm anyone else. It also means the injured party is amply compensated for their losses.

How Can I Know If an Attorney Cares?

When you seek an attorney in South Africa, narrow the field by scheduling a personal consultation with each of them. There is usually no charge for an initial consultation. It may be a brief meeting, but you will likely sense compassion from the attorney and the office staff if it is there. Usually one firm will stand out for you from the others.  Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was quoted as saying, “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”. That axiom applies to everyone, including attorneys. We could even go so far as to say that the more attorneys care about their clients, the better able they are to represent them.

Attorneys in South Africa on a Mission

Some may think attorneys only care about the money. Compassionate law firms care about ridding the world of incompetent and careless individuals and corporations that harm others. They want to bring enough money into the firm to hire the best researchers, expert witnesses and trial lawyers to make that happen. With those resources, they are able to take your injury case on a contingency basis. They want the victims to receive needed care and a decent living for as long as they need it. Victims deserve compensation. That is justice in a civilised world. Compassionate attorneys in South Africa like Paul Du Plessis Attorneys see the life-altering results of negligence and endeavour to expose those responsible.

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