Dealing With Cerebral Palsy In Your Child

There are so many things that could happen to your child that could be defined as “a parent’s worst nightmare”, and cerebral palsy caused by a negligent doctor or nurse is no exception. Cerebral palsy is the inability for a child, to have full control of their facial movements and it is also the negative effect of the control centre of an infant’s brain. A large number of the time this condition occurs during the early stages of a child’s life, it could start during the pregnancy and be caused due to premature birth, and it can develop in the child anytime up until the age of 3 years old.
The Cause Of Birth Related Injuries
Pregnancy, child birth and child care are very scary times for any and all parents. That is why they place their trust in various professionals to help the mother and the infant remain safe and healthy through every stage of pregnancy and birth. However, sometimes complications do occur and it is up to the health care professionals to notice this and correct it in a timely manner. Most times this is done and disasters are averted, while other times these professionals ignore the signs and act in a negligent manner. This then leaves the family and the child to suffer.
The Dangers of Birth Related Injury
Birth related injuries can cause serious and life changing complications to the mother and the child. If the mother and the child are not cared for properly, the child is susceptible to receiving brain damage, loss of eye sight and cerebral palsy. It is highly important that the doctors and nurses give the mother the right medications, as by administrating the incorrect medication or dosage, it could cause serious birth injuries to the child that might not have existed previously within the child.
Paul Du Plessis Attorneys
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