Pretoria attorneys have represented many claimants who have put their cases forward to the Road Accident Fund (RAF). It is understood that many are totally bewildered after an accident and not sure what to do. Training on the RAF Act is given to traffic police and road safety personnel so as to provide those involved in an accident with direction.

Road Accident Fund

The RAF is a state insurance which covers all drivers and persons involved in road accidents. It is funded through a levy which is placed on the fuel price. SARS (South African Revenue Services) collects the levy and it is paid to RAF. The amount collected is determined by how many litres of fuel are sold.

All people within the borders of South Africa who bear injury, damages or loss as the result of a road accident are covered by the RAF. This includes foreigners at present but according to the new bill (RABS), if it is adopted, there will be restrictions on their claims and compensation. The injured person (referred to as the 3rd party) has to lodge a claim with the RAF for compensation due to another person’s negligence.

This insurance covers the liability of drivers in respect of injury or damage to people and not to vehicles or property. It is understood that all parties are assigned a portion of responsibility; and the claim paid out to the 3rd party is the percentage, of the full settlement, that they were not responsible for.

Effects of a Crash

As Pretoria attorneys are well aware of the affects of an accident on the unfortunate victim and their family. Implications range from minor inconvenience to devastating damage and injuries that are life changing for the victims and their families. One could be faced with:

  • Hospitalisation
  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income while recovering
  • Physical impediment and adjustment
  • Living and life style modifications
  • Lifelong care and support
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a bread winner

Assistance from Pretoria Attorneys

Paul du Plessis Attorneys have many years of experience representing clients in their claims to the RAF. They will engage all inquiries with reassurance and provide expert advice and guidance. They are happy to support and accept clients throughout South Africa, although being Pretoria attorneys.

No Win – No Pay Policy

Pretoria attorneys, Paul du Plessis Attorneys, will cover the expenses associated with efforts to quantify the claims – such as medical examinations and expert opinion. When you receive compensation from the RAF, our Pretoria attorneys will then accept payment. They practise an ‘open file policy’ which means that you, as their client, are welcome to peruse the progress of your case at any time.

The stress experienced from a serious accident is difficult to deal with. Accepting the support and assistance of professional attorneys, contacting Paul du Plessis will be a worthwhile step to take.

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