It can often feel as if the law is working against you. Legal advice and terminology can be overwhelming and you may end up discouraged about speaking to an attorney or making a legal claim. You may also feel like professional legal services are too costly and out of your reach. At Paul du Plessis, we encourage you to speak to us when you have a legal claim to make or need to seek legal advice. We make sure that our services are easily accessible no matter what your income is, and we offer clear, easy to understand advice without the confusing legal jargon.

Professional yet affordable attorneys

We do our best to keep our services as affordable as possible. After an accident or legal incident, financial expenses should be the last thing you have to worry about when making a claim. As well as our competitive service rates, we work on a no win – no fee basis. If your case is unsuccessful, you can at least rest assured that there won’t be a hefty lawyer’s bill at the end of the month. When you come to us, we will also provide an initial investigation for your case free of charge. You would be hard pressed to find a more affordable legal service from a professional private legal practice in South Africa.

At Paul du Plessis, we are helpful and understanding

Whether you have recently been a victim of medical negligence, personal injury or a road accident, or your child was negatively affected or injured during birth or postnatal care, we treat your case with utmost dedication and sympathy. We are compassionate and understanding and strive to provide you with as much support and relief as possible during this challenging time. When you visit us, whether it is to make a claim or just find some legal advice, the kettle will be on and one of our attorneys will help you with a smile. Contact Paul du Plessis for attorneys who make your life easier when you are faced with a legal issue.

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