You Caused A Road Accident – What Do You Do Now?

Are you wracked with guilt because you just caused a road accident? Whether you were exhausted and your reflexes were slowed or you simply lost control of your vehicle, the fact remains that you are responsible for the outcome of the accident. You may have been lucky and the road was empty at the time, resulting only in damages to your vehicle and nothing else. This is hardly the case though; it is more likely that you caused injury or damage to other drivers or road users as well. What do you do next?

Take action immediately after a road accident

If you are not severely injured, you need to assess the situation and store the details in your memory. The very first thing to do is to make sure that no one is injured, and call emergency services if they are. If you know that you were the sole person responsible for the accident, you may want to apologise. You should willingly give the other people involved your contact details should they wish to take legal action against you. There may be hundreds of thousands of Rands’ worth of damages because of the accident, how are you going to compensate everyone, not to mention your own damages and injuries? Keeping a level head in a situation like this is key. Record all the details of the accident, taking photographic or video evidence if you can, as well as the details of everyone involved. The good news is, if the accident was truly an accident, and you were not driving irresponsibly or illegally, there will be minimal consequences for you.

How the RAF can help

The Road Accident Fund is in place to protect those who have suffered in an accident. The person injured in the accident you caused may want to claim against the RAF instead of you, especially if you make it clear that you are unable to cover the compensation amount. If you need legal advice or assistance with the RAF or someone claiming against you, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today.

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