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3 Tips For Safe Holiday Travelling

Do you have exciting holiday plans? Whether it’s visiting family across town or travelling to another country, it always pays to be safe on the roads. South African roads become more dangerous over the holiday season, as more and more people start using them. Most people have more free time for trips to the beach, to friends and events or even just quick trips to the shops around this time of year. Additionally, for many people the season offers more opportunities to drink and party, which sadly means that there may be more people driving under the influence. It is important to remember that the roads are busier and more dangerous in these months, and to adjust your driving habits and plan accordingly.

How to remain safe on the roads

First and foremost, remember to follow the law when on the road. Pay attention to road signs and road regulations, wear a seat belt, remain within the speed limit and do not drive if you have been drinking alcohol. By following the rules, you are doing your part in preventing another road accident. Secondly, have foresight and plan ahead when you intend to be driving. If you are going to an event where you might be drinking, organise a lift home with a sober friend in advance. Carpooling or arranging a taxi service is an excellent idea for groups of people travelling together. You can also try to avoid peak traffic hours, dangerous routes or accident zones to make your trip safer. Thirdly, if you are travelling long distance, you need to prepare for the journey. Make sure your vehicle is up to date on its service and is in good condition, remember some extra cash for any toll gates (and your passport for country borders), pack a map or GPS to avoid getting lost, and pay attention to the road and weather conditions.

Drive safely, get there happily

Being prepared is essential for any travelling, whether that means being aware of long queues or slow-moving traffic on your way to the mall or packing for the worst-case scenario on a cross-country road trip. If you need any advice regarding travelling this holiday season or road accidents, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys.

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