Failure to treat retinopathy of prematurity is one instance where medical negligence can lead to blindness.  Premature babies are susceptible to this condition as they are born before full term. At birth their eyes have not yet developed sufficiently.  The condition is well understood and health workers are trained to diagnose, monitor and treat it.  If the hospital, paediatrician or ophthalmologist fails to do so, a claim of medical negligence should be explored. The medical records will be used to establish if the proper level of care was applied.

What recourse do you have for medical negligence?

If your child had retinopathy of prematurity and has suffered a loss of vision, you may have grounds for a claim of medical negligence.  If it is possible to prove that this is the case, you can claim for damages.  Your first step is to obtain legal assistance.  Paul du Plessis has a special interest in this particular field and, through research and dedication, has established himself as an expert in this area.  You will need to provide a full account of what has occurred and he will obtain the necessary medical records.  This firm will refer your case to a panel of medical experts.  They will assess and debate the case and advise if a medical negligence claim is viable.

Can you treat retinopathy of prematurity?

This condition can be treated and blindness can be prevented.  Treatment can range from only requiring monitoring to invasive surgery in extreme cases.  If blindness occurs it is worth exploring if it can be attributed to medical negligence. Call Paul du Plessis Attorneys to discuss your circumstances.  This firm is based in Pretoria but they manage claims in all jurisdictions in South Africa.  This means that they can assist you wherever in South Africa you may live.  A successful claim will provide you with the funds to take care of your child.  This will enable you to provide them with a good quality of life.  On-going medical treatment may be required and this is costly.  When medical negligence causes blindness due to retinopathy of prematurity the innocent child deserves compensation.

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