You think it’s expensive to hire personal injury attorneys in South Africa, don’t you? The good news is that Paul du Plessis Attorneys accept personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that the risk is all on the law firm. When you have a viable case that in due time is successfully resolved, the attorney receives reimbursement for expenditures, time and professional skills.

Most personal injury cases are resolved through settlement. Both parties, with the approval of the judge, agree to a specific amount of financial compensation. Based on the contract between the attorney and client, the law firm will receive a percentage of the funds awarded to the client for their services.

Is Your Personal Injury Case Viable?

Attorneys in South Africa commit scores of hours to reviewing cases for viability before committing to them. They must consult collections of detailed medical information. There are individual depositions that take hours multiplied by the number of depositions. They pay experts to review and analyse the minute details from medical records and individual testimony. Preparation and filing of ancillary paperwork has a price. Client consultations are necessary and the time commitment is great.

After the review process, the attorney may conclude your case is not viable. If so, you owe nothing.  However, they will proceed with a viable lawsuit. Still, you owe nothing until reaching a settlement.  Your attorneys are confident of success.

Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in South Africa

If you have suffered injury due to the negligence of others, contact a personal injury attorney. Do not neglect to pursue compensation that is due to you. You are not being frivolous or asking for anything to which you are not entitled. When someone injures you through neglect, you incur lost wages, medical bills and other costs. A severe injury may result in disability, lifelong therapy and even death. How will you support yourself and your family?

Paul du Plessis Attorneys will not ask for any compensation from you until there is a successful settlement. In the unlikely event a settlement agreement fails, you still owe nothing.  If you are injured, you cannot afford not to consult with personal injury attorneys in South Africa.

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