Many attorneys in South Africa operate by speciality, rather than geographical location.  In other words they specialise in a type of law.  There are many specialist areas in law.  Some examples of these are Constitutional Law; Environmental Law; Labour Law; Shipping Law; Human Rights Law; and Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Law.  When you have a problem in a particular area, you are best served using a lawyer or Firm that specialises in that area of law.  

Someone trained and experienced in a particular form of the law will be best able to help you with your problem.  They have the knowledge and depth of experience you require.   The lawyer in your home town may not be the best person to use when you have a specific legal problem.

I need help me with a personal injury claim!

In South Africa, attorneys can manage claims in all jurisdictions.  For example, in the instance of personal injury or medical negligence, you can appoint a lawyer from anywhere in South Africa.  A leading firm in this area is Paul du Plessis Attorneys.  They have an excellent reputation for achieving a fair settlement for their clients.  They have the experience to know exactly what they should be claiming for, and have access to the right experts to properly quantify your claim.

At the outset Paul du Plessis Attorneys will assess if your case has merit.  If they decide that you do have a claim, they will proceed on your behalf.  They also have an arrangement whereby they will carry the costs of the case, including all investigation, consultations with specialists, and associated expenses.  If they win your case, they are paid out of the settlement.  This is called a no-win no-fee (with contingency) basis.  This means that you will be able to afford the best legal representation, and you can access it from anywhere in South Africa.

Paul Du Plessis Attorneys can assist with Personal Injury Claims
If you need a lawyer to assist with your personal injury or medical negligence claim, call Paul du Plessis.  This firm of attorneys in South Africa will give you the best chance of a successful claim.

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