Bitten By Your Neighbor’s Dog? What You Need To Know To Claim Compensation

There are multiple local regulations regarding pets. They involve cleanliness, animal health, and prevention of cruelty. Some rules are aimed towards the comfort and safety of neighbours. These include giving shots to the dog and keeping them on a leash. If your neighbour refuses to follow these guidelines and their dog bites you, you can sue them for compensation. Some of the issues you can claim include loss of income while you were seeking treatment and medical expenses from your treatment.

Make a personal injury claim

When the dog bit you, it may have been roaming free, or it may have run off from its owners. Either way, the bite was likely a result of negligence. You can make a personal injury claim and have your neighbour compensate you. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have 18 years of experience on a wide variety of claims and we are confident that we can guide you through this. We will need to look at your medical records to ascertain the extent of your injuries and the cost of treatment. We will also need to interview you, the dog’s owner, and anyone else that may have witnessed the incident. This will help form a clear idea of culpability.

It’s not personal

Many dog owners will be unwilling to co-operate because they may worry that their pet will be put down. Our lawyers are professional and empathetic, so they will handle the case in a way that gets the best results for everyone. Our legal practice operates on a ‘no win, no contingency fee’ policy, so we will not demand any payment or expenses until the case is complete. We will cover all the necessary costs of following up your claim, so you don’t have even more expenses to worry about during the legal process. Our first promise to you is an effective and efficient legal service. Our second promise is that we will be professional, compassionate and caring towards you during this trying time. For specialised legal advice and counsel, give Paul du Plessis Attorneys a call today.

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