Birth related brain injuries are something Paul du Plessis, attorneys in Pretoria are familiar with. While it is a thought far from our minds when expecting a new baby, brain injury is, unfortunately, a reality some parents will be forced to deal with. We entrust our treatment during pregnancy and labour to medical persons who are professionally trained and we expect appropriate treatment and care.

What Causes Birth Related Brain Injury?

Let us first look at some of the reasons that result in such an injury:

  • a lack of oxygen
  • incorrect or deficient drugs dispensed during labour (or pregnancy)
  • undue force exerted during delivery
  • inadequate monitoring during labour
  • dropping the baby or other trauma to the head
  • not performing a cesarean section early enough
  • unacceptable use of forceps or vacuum extraction
  • meningitis, jaundice or both conditions in the newborn
  • seizures (in the mother or the baby)
  • a prolapsed cord which cuts the oxygen supply to the infant

Brain injury is detected when there is a delay in certain developmental stages or CP (Cerebral Palsy.) CP is caused by damage to the motor control centre of the brain and can happen at birth, during pregnancy or up to the age of three years. Premature birth accounts for 40% – 50% of cerebral palsy cases.

Check with Attorneys in Pretoria

Doctors, nurses and hospitals are required to perform to and maintain a certain set of standards. If you are not sure as to whether these were upheld or if the injury could have been avoided, consult with attorneys in Pretoria for their expert assessment of your case.

Paul du Plessis Attorney’s area of interest and authority is birth injuries and children who have been affected through negligence. Medical malpractice is a complicated subject and your attorneys in Pretoria will consult with experts in the field to ascertain the various aspects pertaining to your case.

They assess the merits of your case at their own expense as they have a ‘no win no pay’ policy. This means that should the claim be unsuccessful; you will not be liable for any medical examination or legal costs.

Compensation could include:

  • past hospital fees
  • future medical treatment costs
  • future living costs
  • specialised care
  • permanent disability provision
  • emotional pain and suffering

What Now?

Although the devastating outcome cannot be reversed a financial settlement will go a long way to ease the burden of providing for and securing your child’s future. Paul du Plessis Attorneys in Pretoria would be the attorneys to contact should you be in doubt as whether to seek compensation due to medical negligence. You can be assured that you will receive qualified expert assistance.

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