You followed all the rules while pregnant, yet here you are seeking birth injury attorneys in Pretoria. Perhaps your baby was born prematurely and needed oxygen to help his little lungs maintain a safe level of oxygen in his blood. His lungs cannot do that on their own yet but they will and as expected, they do. It has been two months and your baby is thriving. However, you notice he does not make eye contact with you or follow your finger. Your baby care book says he should be doing that by now. At your three-month check-up, you mention your concern to the paediatrician. The paediatrician expresses concern that your baby is blind. A paediatric ophthalmologist confirms the doctor’s fears. They ask you if your baby received oxygen therapy immediately after birth.

Pre-Mature Babies at Risk

In Pretoria, birth injury attorneys Paul Du Plessis are familiar with your experience. Unfortunately, they have heard it from other distraught parents. The doctors have told you that undeveloped blood vessels to the retinae cause Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), resulting in blindness. This disease can often be treated, preventing blindness, if found soon after birth by an exam. Your baby did not have an eye exam shortly after birth. Another cause is high blood oxygen. That could happen if the baby’s blood oxygen exceeds safe levels during oxygen therapy for his lungs. Accurate monitoring could prevent excessive levels.

Birth Injury Attorneys in Pretoria, South Africa

Parents find themselves facing an uncertain future with a child who, through medical negligence, is blind. Holding those at fault responsible is probably the most difficult personal injury lawsuit to bring. Paul Du Plessis Attorneys have made cases of Retinopathy of Prematurity with resultant vision loss and blindness a speciality. They have researched such cases and educated themselves on the part medical negligence plays. In addition, they know both the local and international experts to call for assistance in proving such claims.

Parents and their children who are blind due to medical negligence deserve compensation.  Paul Du Plessis, birth injury attorneys in Pretoria, bring an exceptional measure of expertise to child injury cases.

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