Been In A Road Accident? Get Help With Your RAF Claim

Accidents happen. It’s what comes after that’s the real challenge. As an accident victim, you have to deal with your medical recovery and rehabilitation. You need to recover from psychological trauma of your injuries. You want to be sure your loved ones are looked after while you’re out of commission. And you have to pay your hospital bills. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle on your own. You can seek compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). The RAF helps you deal with the economic implications of your accident. Areas covered by the RAF include indemnity insurance, personal injury, and death insurance.

Find the right lawyer

RAF services can help you get through the trying period after your accident, but you might need the support of a professional lawyer. Paul du Plessis Attorneys have been practicing for over 18 years and we have a wide range of experience dealing with RAF claims. We are friendly and professional, and we’ll walk you through the process. It starts with a claim form, affidavits, police reports, medical records, and legal documents. This can all be overwhelming, especially while you’re still dealing with your injuries. Our attorneys will handle all the legal parts so you can focus on healing. However, we’ll keep you appraised every step of the way with our open file policy.

No win no contingency

At any time of your choosing, you can review your files and check on the claim’s progress. Our team understands that you already have a lot to deal with, so we want to make things as easy as possible. That’s why our legal terms are no win, no contingency. If we don’t succeed in getting your compensation, we won’t charge you for our legal services. There are certain costs involved in pursuing RAF claims, and we will cover those costs on your behalf. You won’t have to pay a single cent until the claim has succeeded. Give us a call today and let us handle things for you. We guarantee a professional, effective and compassionate service.

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