Who is driving your kids to school? What qualifications do they need?

The South African Road Accident Fund does not concern itself with licensing requirements or whether a driver is insured or not.  Whether a person is qualified to drive your children is another matter.  A person that provides transportation for others for profit must have a Professional Driver Permit.  This applies to the mom running the lift club at school (for profit) as well as the mini-bus taxi driver.

This driver will need to ensure that the vehicle used has a roadworthy test every year.  There are even more requirements.  You need to be registered as a taxi driver and obtain written permission from the parents of all children being transported.  You also need to have a special insurance policy.

What happens if there is an accident?

The South African Road Accident Fund is designed to help those injured in accidents involving vehicles on South African Roads. It provides compensation for those seriously injured in an accident, and it indemnifies the negligent driver that caused the accident.  It means that even if the driver at fault has no insurance, there is a means to claim compensation.  As long as you are not the sole cause of the accident, you can claim from the Road Accident Fund.  In other words, if your child is seriously injured in an accident when being driven to school, you can claim from the Fund.

How do you claim from the South African Road Accident Fund?

If your child has been injured in an accident, contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys.  We specialise in personal injury and Road Accident Fund claims.  We will advise you on how you should proceed.  With our intimate knowledge of the law and the regulations governing the Fund, we will make sure that the right procedures are followed.  It may be that there is another process that should be followed rather than a Road Accident Fund claim and our team at Paul du Plessis Attorneys is the source to advise you.  Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today for further information about a South African Road Accident Fund claim.

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