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As of 2016, medical negligence claims have escalated by about 25 percent each year over the previous five years. This is because patients are becoming more aware of their rights and are taking effective measures when a medical treatment goes wrong. If you find yourself a victim of medical malpractice in any form, it is imperative that you seek out professional legal advice in order to be compensated for your losses.

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Paul du Plessis Attorneys are highly specialised in medicolegal practices, with a strong focus on medical malpractice and negligence. Medical negligence is any form of injury, damage, loss or trauma caused by the deliberate or ignorant actions of a medical practitioner. This includes any instance where the standard of care you receive at a medical institution is deficient or lacking, from misdiagnosis and incorrect prescriptions to a botched operation or abuse at the hands of your medical practitioner. It can occur in small local clinics or large national hospitals, at the hands of an assistant nurse or senior surgeon.

Experts in medical negligence law

At Paul du Plessis Attorneys, we believe in your basic right to effective health care, and your right to physical well-being and safety. Visit us to make a claim or find advice on what constitutes a medical negligence claim. We will conduct a thorough investigation of your case free of charge to determine the necessary facts. To gain absolute clarity and cover all the bases, we will consult with leading medical advisors to establish the manner and degree to which your treatment was negligent. We also understand that the losses suffered in a medical negligence case can be severe, which is why we keep our costs affordable and work on a no win – no fee contingency basis. We have an impressive history and track record when it comes to cases of medical negligence, and we will ensure that you receive a legal service that is thorough, efficient and compassionate. Contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys today if you are looking for experts in medical negligence law.

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