Attorneys in South Africa understand the full implication of being a road accident victim. You hear a news reports saying there was an accident on the N1 but the injured motorist is expected to recover. You think, good for the motorist. But do you ever take a moment to consider how long the road to recovery can be?

The Cost of Recovery

It is a good idea to consult with attorneys in South Africa if ever you are injured in a road accident because the road fund may not offer adequate compensation. Imagine, a woman is sitting in her car in backed up traffic. Suddenly, a large truck rams her full-on from behind. Even though the woman is belted in, the force of the collision slams her knees into the steering column. At the same time her head is violently thrown back and then forward. She will recover, however, her car is totalled. Unfortunately, it was worth more to her than the insurance company. The pay- out will not buy another car as good as the one she lost.  

Her knee cap on her right knee is broken and will be surgically replaced. She’ll be in a cast for at least a month. After that there will be months of physical therapy to start walking again. She has suffered brain trauma due to whiplash. She gets dizzy and forgetful. She has to take pain and anti- inflammation meds and still when she blinks it hurts. It will hurt and keep her from driving for months and that is followed by physical therapy to gain back range of motion.

She is an estate agent who works on commission. She has no other income and she is a single mom. Walking and driving are crucial to earning a living for this woman. She may never recover the losses she sustains during her recovery period. The woman will recover from her injuries eventually but her life may be forever changed.

Attorneys Can Evaluate Accident Losses

The Road Accident Fund will find the woman partially responsible just for being at the scene. They will adjust her compensation accordingly. Her pain, suffering, medical bills, loss of income and lifestyle deserves just compensation. It costs nothing to consult an attorney to find out if she has a valid claim to file a lawsuit. Hiring a South African attorney like the experts at Paul Du Plessis Attorneys may be her only hope for enough compensation to prevent her from losing everything during recovery.  

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