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You can’t turn back time but you can get what you are entitled to.

Affordable lawyers who can help you with legal advice

Affordable lawyers who can help you with legal advice 

If you are trying to decide whether to make a claim for serious injury due to negligence, the law and process of appointing an attorney can seem complex and confusing. The obvious choice is to seek expert advice, but the daunting prospect of expensive fees often prevent people from reaching out and talking to an attorney. You too can afford an attorney to assist you with your personal injury claim. Below we explain why you can afford specialist attorney even in complicated matters.

We want to help you!

We understand that injury or loss due to negligence can have devastating financial implications, there may not be money to pay your attorney. You may have medical bills, damages and other unexpected expenses as a result of your ordeal, and legal fees may not be within your financial reach. You may even lose your income if your experience has made you unable to work, either while you recover or permanently if you suffered serious injury.

At Paul du Plessis Attorneys we want to help you! That is why we invite you to contact us for a no obligation cost free telephonic consultation to discuss your possible claim. We also offer assistance on a contingency fee (no win no fee) basis which can relieve some of the stress associated with taking legal action.

To book a consult phone 012 809 1588, send an e-mail to paul@pauldup.co.za or fill in our contact form here https://pauldup.co.za/contact-us/

How can we help?

  • Areas of expertise:

Our areas of specialisation include:

Medical negligence, including complex cases such as Retinopathy of Prematurity (blindness), cerebral palsy, periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), and other brain damage and birth injury, surgical errors, hospital negligence and misdiagnosis to name a few.

Personal injuries range from dog bites, electrocutions, slip and fall incidents to road accidents.

Insurance law for insureds – this involves insurance disputes, where the insurer has repudiated a claim.

  • Accessibility:

We aim to ensure that our services are as accessible to everyone in South Africa and assist clients nationally. We litigate in all provinces and High courts throughout South Africa. We also have excellent relationships with experts in all fields to ensure that your claim has the necessary technical backing to succeed.

  • Affordability:

Above and beyond that, we work on a no win – no fee contingency basis. This means that expenses incurred in the claim processes are carried by the firm until the case is successfully finalised. We will cover all the expenses related to quantifying and investigating your claim. This includes expenses incurred in the investigation, any required appointments with medical specialists any other associated expenses.  At the end of the claim, once a successful settlement is achieved, the Attorney’s fee plus the disbursements, will be taken from the settlement amount.  You can be assured that the fee will be fair and legally justified since the fee agreements are regulated by law to protect the public.

How to reach us

If you need an attorney, don’t be afraid to contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys. We want to hear from you and will assist with advice on your options and the way forward. You can contact us online on our website, via telephone at 012 809 1588 or e-mail paul@pauldup.co.za for a free consultation.