The law can seem complex and confusing, especially if you are trying to decide whether to make a claim or not. The prudent choice is to seek expert advice. Paul du Plessis are attorneys at law who provide outstanding legal advice, counselling and assistance.

What can we help you with?

Our area of specialisation covers medical negligence and personal injuries, and we are recognised as leaders in medico-legal cases. Under medical negligence we handle many cases of Retinopathy of Prematurity, cerebral palsy, periventricular leukomalacia, and other brain damage and birth injury cases. If your child was not given the proper medical care during and after birth, they may suffer from physical or mental damage. This is a kind of medical negligence, as your postnatal doctors and nurses could have prevented the damage with better standards of care. Perhaps it was you who suffered because of a negligent doctor? If you experienced unnecessary pain, injury or trauma because of a misdiagnosis, a surgical error or any kind of mistake at the hand of your doctor, you can claim for medical negligence. In other cases of personal injury, if you believe you were harmed because of the negligent or deliberate actions of another, you can likewise make a claim.

What can I claim for after an injury?

Whether you were injured through medical negligence at a hospital or by someone else elsewhere, there are certain things you can claim for in a legal case. Medical expenses are usually the first thing to think of – these include the expenses of treatment at the time of the injury, as well as any future medical treatments relating to the injury. Loss of income can also be claimed for if your injury prohibits your ability to work and earn an income. Additionally, you can claim for general damages. General damages claims are there to compensate you for all the loss, trauma, pain, suffering and inconvenience that arose from your injury. If you want affordable, reliable legal advice for your injury claims, contact Paul du Plessis today.

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