Consulting attorneys in Pretoria for assistance with compensation claims becomes a very real possibility for you, or persons that you know, if the exceptionally high number of South Africans involved in motor accidents every year is taken into account. One minute you are a healthy person going about your business, the next you are in a car accident which can totally change your life.

There are approximately 4 500 reported accidents annually in our country. Loss of income, paralysis, incapacity, or even the death of a loved one is all unfortunate, yet possible, consequences of being involved in an accident. Securing the assistance of experienced representation, such as attorneys in Pretoria, is prudent when making a claim, and ensuring that an accident does not end up ruining your life forever.

Why Contact Attorneys in Pretoria

South Africa is becoming the crash capital of Africa, with over 10 000 fatalities every year caused by vehicle accidents. If you find yourself a victim of a car accident that is not your fault, and that could cause you to suffer personal injuries and might result in financial losses. As a victim you are eligible to make claims for a variety of damages, which is where the experience and credibility of attorneys in Pretoria comes into play.

If your life is negatively impacted through an accident, obtaining compensation for damages can be complicated. It requires following many processes from gathering relevant information to support your claim through to lodging the claim. It could involve an examination by a medico-legal expert who determines the extent of your injuries, followed by an investigation to find the cause of the car accident and what role you played in it.

Then there is filing of the relevant claims forms within a certain time limit. Finally, the claims process itself begins, either in or out of court. This is where the value of securing the services of Paul du Plessis Attorneys, reputable and very approachable attorneys in Pretoria, will make all the difference. Their experience and professional conduct will remove the stress, fear of the unknown processes and financial implications of filing a claim while you are in a vulnerable position.

The Help You Need Just a Call Away

The idea of a drastic alteration in your circumstances is one we all wish to avoid. This change could involve physical injuries ranging from disfigurement to loss of limbs or mobility and possibly incurring on-going medical treatments. Losing your independence and requiring daily assistance; no longer being able to continue your career or work in any capacity; and loss of income are some of the possible consequences of an accident and which you are entitled to submit a claim for.

When you contact Paul du Plessis Attorneys they quickly step in and take care of all the necessary filing, paperwork and claims. As your attorneys in Pretoria, they will assist you with everything involving your claim for compensation – from the application of summons up to the trial and the final outcome. They back their services up with their no win – no fee policy, which means that if your claim, is not successful, the company will incur the legal fees involved.

Contact Paul du Plessis attorneys in Pretoria, and let their 18 years of road accident claim experience work for you anywhere in South Africa!

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