Choosing attorneys in South Africa can seem overwhelming.  How do you choose?  Where do you start?  Many people are intimidated by the legal profession and it does not seem accessible.  Be clear on what you are looking for, and how to choose, and the process is simple.  

What to check for in attorneys in South Africa

In South Africa, most attorneys specialise in a particular aspect of the law.  For example one may be a specialist in family law covering aspects like divorce, mediation and maintenance matters.  Another may specialise in commercial agreements and contracts.  When you have a medical negligence matter, you don’t want a lawyer that specialises in constitutional law.  

  1. To begin, choose a law firm that specialises in the matter you need to have addressed.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys specialise in negligence, personal injury and road accident fund claims.  They have access to the right medical professionals to quantify a claim and provide expert opinion.  
  2. The second tip to use when choosing an attorney is to check their track record.  Do they achieve results?  If an attorney is not achieving the settlements and results a client is looking for, then they are not the lawyer you need.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys, for example, will assess your case upfront to determine if it has merit and its likelihood of success.  They will provide you with honest advice in this matter and you will know upfront if your case is worth pursuing.  Paul du Plessis Attorneys has secured excellent settlements for clients and this has helped them to rebuild their lives.
  3. The third tip to help you choose is to see on what basis payment must be made.  For example, Paul du Plessis Attorneys operate on a No Win No Fee (with Contingency) basis.  This is clear and easy to understand.  Paul du Plessis will fund the investigation required for your case, including your travel and accommodation needs.

Need a personal injury lawyer?

If you need a personal injury lawyer, choose Paul du Plessis Attorneys.  They will assess your case and, if it has merit, will be able to assist you.  They are leading personal injury attorneys in South Africa so give them a call today.

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